AWÜ is a contemporary jewelry brand founded by Canadian design artist Angie Wu in 2014. She studied Fine Arts and Product Design in Montreal and worked in the creative industry for 15 years before setting up her own studio in downtown Shanghai. From her atelier in an old English villa she designs and creates concept driven fine jewelries. Her work consists of ready-to-wear design collections, one-of-a-kind artworks and custom made bespoke jewelries such as wedding and engagement rings. Her works are a constant exploration of the natural world as well as archetypes, those images floating beneath our collective consciousness -a perfect circle, an elongated leaf, a bare tree. She loves striking profiles, elegant design and interesting application of materials.

Being raised and educated in Taipei, Buenos Aires and Montreal, she shapes her worldview and personal style by merging the four very different cultures she experienced into one unique identity that embraces the poetic and exotic Asian, the passionate and playful Latin, the refined and romantic French and the disciplined English.

“I express myself through my designs like a writer expresses himself through words. My designs reflect my feeling, thought and consciousness in a truly intimate and honest manner. Some are answers to my lifetime inquiries such as the “Home” series and some respond to my memories; some are shapes that I am irresistibly attracted to and some are unknown fields I am curious to explore and experiment. I’m also deeply intrigued by the connection people establish with objects they respond to and the emotions evoked in them through their interaction with such objects. It is this connection and interaction between a user and an object that fascinate me in the world of design. I want to continue understanding people, learning new skills and creating objects that are both functional and meaningful in the eyes of beholders for the rest of my life.

Welcome to the my inner world, I hope you enjoy the tour.” –Angie Wu

Angie’s Bio